Terms & Conditions


The warranty for a new product a total duration of 12 months (from 1.1.2013 the warranty is 24 months for commercial products and Xmachines, remains 12 months for professional type products such as HP, HP printers , Lenovo, IBM, Apple etc. ... for Apple: http://www.apple.com/chfr/legal/statutory-warranty/). (Unless specified otherwise) for items with a term longer warranty is valid guarantee direct customer with the manufacturer. And 'the customer must verify the goods upon delivery and to express reservations and complaints in the event of errors or non-compliance; these reserves and complaints must be addressed to us via fax or letter as soon as possible and no later than seven days after delivery. Shipping costs in the case of a delivery of the goods are borne by the customer. Within the delivery, check carefully the package received, if damaged or ruined, always immediately (within 2 days) mail or courier that delivered. Warning! you can not return the goods ordered specially for the customer! Customer is responsible for ordering. On all work performed the FOLETTI COMPUTER grants a guarantee of 7 days. The warranty rights begin the day of purchase by state the date of the invoice. Any complaints are accepted, in writing, no later than seven days after the invoice date.


During the warranty period will be repaired only those operating defects arising from assembly errors or defects dependent on the original material (Hardware). The warranty does not cover any defects caused by improper use, wrong assembly by the Purchaser, dirt or any other damage not attributable to the work of the Seller. The guarantee does not extend to programs or software sold. The guarantee does not extend even to normally perishable products such as batteries, ink, toner, heads, tapes, diskettes etc ..


The warranty expires in the following cases. - The expiration of the warranty period (12 or 24 months). - If the warranty label located behind or underneath the unit is removed or cut without written permission FOLETTI COMPUTER. - If the device was opened by unauthorized persons (written authorization FOLETTI COMPUTER). - If the serial number of the device has been tampered with or is illegible. - If the purchase date on the invoice has been canceled or is illegible. - If the customer brings in another store or company the product or the equipment to be repaired.


The Seller is not responsible ... - the loss or deletion of data due to repairs or modifications. - The loss of the software contained in the appliance as a result of repair. The Purchaser is obliged to save all data before any repairs or alterations to external media.


The product is assembled and tested by the Seller with the utmost care. In case of complaint the Purchaser agrees to send by mail or personally bring the device to the Seller with the following documents. a) the invoice. b) the precise description of the defect. c) the original packaging or possibly a similar one that provides adequate protection device. In the event that the Purchaser has lost or destroyed the original packaging the Seller shall invoice the related packing costs of a minimum of CHF 30.- to a maximum of CHF 60.- depending on the type of device ( monitor, printer, scanner etc. ...) The cost of postal delivery of the device shall be borne by the buyer that is also committed to secure it properly. The Seller is not liable for damage or defects absolutely unit after mailing.


In the case of non-cash sale, the goods remain the property of the Seller until full payment of the sale price by the Purchaser. The payment must be made within 7 days from the invoice date, however discounts are excluded. In case of delay in payment of the sale price, the seller will charge the purchaser for the administrative expenses of CHF 20 per reminder (recommended) in addition to statutory interest of 1% per month. In case of a wrong purchase of a standard product sold by the store, the buyer is entitled to seven days the return or replacement of the goods (Attention! You can not return the goods if you ordered specially for the customer!), In If the goods had been paid for with credit cards can no longer be the reversal in cash but only in the Good FOLETTI COMPUTER valid up to 3 months in any case it will only accept merchandise in its original packaging, unopened! and not used, it is strongly recommended to check carefully before opening any original packaging, first check whether the product is consistent and corresponds to the product required. (Software sold does not change) The FOLETTI COMPUTERS is entitled to change the price at any time. Apply the published price at the time of ordering. Price changes occurring after the confirmation are not taken into account.


For repairs under warranty NOT the FOLETTI COMPUTERS may require a down payment for the repair. The customer agrees to withdraw the repair later than 6 months from the sheet repair after the FOLETTI COMPUTER becomes its owner and to recover the costs incurred will also resell the product or completely damaged will dispose specialized centers. During the warranty period of 12 or 24 months, the FOLETTI COMPUTER reserves to replace parts of the same value, in exchange for the defective beyond repair or out of print, the replaced part does not give any right to the warranty extension. If control of goods in the warranty inspection fee (cost of counseling) is a minimum of CHF 30.- up to a maximum of CHF 100 in dependence of the time for taking tests (this fee if you do not pay the merchandise is truly defective).


with the perfection of the purchase agreement the Purchaser buys the product only and does not in any way entitled to receive advice from the Seller. The Seller does not provide any advice by telephone, Nenci email. if the request for advice FOLETTI COMPUTER provides telephone counseling (Helpline) only on 0900 555 060 (CHF 2.50 / min from a landline) In case of loss of the invoice by the customer will be charged a cost of CHF 10. - (advance) for the search time at our accounting, the bill will then be sent directly to the customer.


All disputes directly or indirectly arising between the Seller and Buyer relating to the interpretation and / or execution of these conditions of sale and warranty, the applicable law is Swiss law and the only Judiciary competent to Lugano. Although not expressly provided in these Conditions, the regulations pursuant to art. 184 GGSS. of the Swiss Code of Obligations.

Valid from 01/01/2017 FOLETTI COMPUTER